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Specticle Of Perception

In a box
reaching high and wide
as I awake
from deeply dreaming
I find myself
feeling a tight grip on breathing
mentally thrown away
by the transparency of walls
corner to corner
eerily encasing me
coming to my feet
standing frozen in awe
I looked out
beyond the walls
white dominated my senses
until I could feel
nothing but deadness
blinking my eyes slowly
black color bloomed before them
moving playfully like a melody
consuming the white with greed
blindness struck
fear seized me
stumbling around I exploded
something touched my hands
feeling recognized corners
'are they stairs? '
'Stairs! '
'how the.....? '
'where did they........? '
transparent; I could not see them
I was looking straight through them
the whole time
nervously I made my way up
in the blackening darkness
my chest heaving with air
seeking the opening

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