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* Spectrum

Give me Hell on Earth
With those who wish to kill
And I'll come back for more.
Wipe the blood and broken glass
From my shield and baton
And I'll go in again.
Show me the bodies
I'm required to search
And I'll say 'Where's the next? '
Present me with victims,
Lives shattered beyond repair
I'll show them silver linings.
Touch my lips
With yours, exquisite
And I'll dissolve
In an ocean of ecstacy.

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Comments (5)

I am so looking forward once again to you coming home from a day of stark harshness and dealing with human cruelty to softly melt in my arms. And as I write, knowing that tomorrow it is back to 'tough guy' time, you are snoozing softly fifteen feet away... :) x
Hi Ez Thanks for being out there to keep us safe from harm......and to help those who need you......much appreciated, as is this well written and heartfelt poem........ Love, D.
This is a very nicely written poem, lean, musical and meaningful. Larry
Two extremes of the spectrum Ez, but the sum of the parts in between, have coloured the person who wrote this.
A love this blokey tenderness. A tough copper with a soft heart. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥