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Speculating Spectators
( / Connecticut)

Speculating Spectators

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Based upon evidence.
And collected gathered facts.
There were many at the scene,
Who witnessed the shocking attack.
With it to report what they saw.
How the driver of a bus.
Demanded the passengers on it,
Get off then began...
Throwing each one of them,
Under the bus.
As the driver got back on it.
To then roll over them and crush.

Others rushing to the scene.
Not to have seen one thing.
Came to shout their support for the driver.
To then claim the spectators,
Are only speculating...
What they thought to have been observed.
And create to fake an incident.
That neither happened nor occurred.

"Excuse me.
Do you mind answering a question or two.
I am a reporter representing,
The local news.
Who are you? "

I am the driver of the bus.
And I hope my statement,
Puts an end to all the fuss.
You see...
I don't know,
What all this confusion is about.
And I am prepared to convince,
Everyone of my innocence.
By any means necessary.-

You are saying,
You know nothing about this? "

-Only from what I've heard.-

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