Speculations Of A Broken Heart

I hear that song
And no matter how hard I try
All I think of
Is him.

I see a wolf
On a poster
A picture
In lyrics to a song

When I think of anything
That happened
When I was happy
Knowing him

How he was
The only one
Who I would hug
And think nothing of it

It was totally natural
To think of him
All the time
And not worry

I could always
Look at him
And feel that
We could read each other's minds

I would call him
And he didn't get
That it was a compliment

I would stay after school
Pretend it was
Because I needed to study
Or I missed the bus

Maybe I should have
Made my hints stronger
Told him how I felt
Or maybe he should
Have tried to find out
Before it was too late.

by hated failure

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