Please Love This Car, She Means A Lot To Me

regrettably it is time to part
with my trusty friend,
we were art

you and me we rode the miles
you and me often created smiles

we went thru the good and plenty of bad
and can you believe
we were approved by dad?

thanks for the miles
I won't see you again
may you return to where
we've often been?

so long
happy trails
it won't be long

til everything fails
and you are gone

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I an afraid to say the word, ''live'' is a verb unless it is pronounced like '' life'' in the track. is it correct to pronounce it like life in this context?
Words last a lifetime. http: //
Another wonderous inspiring poem! I so Love Gwendolyn works...she was brilliant in her time and in modern times.Wish she was still around to write....10/10 =Shelley=
Hey ya'll, This poem is very interesting! It's really just saying to live in the present and not the past! I got to go to class! More info later, maybe! !