(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


A tongue for tongue makes us speechless! ! An eye for eye makes us blind; Action and Reaction are always opposite and equal! Revenge always destroys us as human beings.
Wickedness destroys the World! ! ! Hatred and war will never bring us peace! On earth. Killing people in the name of terrorism is not the way forward. We need peace and love than hatred and war.
Terror Attacks In New Zealand! Terror Attacks In Sri Lanka! ! Why? ! Where are our senses? Wicked people, try to answer me. What is really wrong with you people among us? Terror Attacks! ! Horror! Breaking the mirror of peace.
Evil acts, evil works, Terror Attacks! ! ! Satan is your teacher; because, You Cannot Think Positively. Why hate others in your hearts as terrorists? ! Already, many are killed because of your negative acts.

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