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Speed Of A Crisis
( / Connecticut)

Speed Of A Crisis

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Repeated and historic has been...
The finger pointing done to accuse another one,
For a self inflicted suffering...
That comes to them without end.

Insecurities unconfessed,
Now has them forced to address...
An idealistic way of life,
That sets the spotlight upon
Such a disturbing mess.


Truth like this is difficult to erase.
When greed has been one's feeding.
And greasy fat hands appear...
With mud smeared on one's deceiving face.

Of course the blame for this will be placed on someone else.
That's the way these steps of greatness have been achieved.
Leaving victims dishonored and disenfranchised as they bleed.

And the speeding of a crisis begins to leap over false devices.
As those try to hide their absolute disgrace...
Realizing the basis of their taste,
Began with the seeding of petty issues...
And spiced with the baiting of race.

Now an incompetence has stirred the heating of disaster!
With a churning of internal division...
That can not be stopped.
Even as their demise is taking place!
With a trashing done that they have mastered.

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