Speedy Winds

There is a dusty summer coming up
I can smell it in the air
the powders have begun to settle
the leaves are beginning to gray

soon the soil will begin to dry
and the grasses will fall flat
stamping will be easy
but the times will get harsh

water will soon disappear
i worry for my hair
the dusty summer's beginning here
and i have nowhere to go

once long ago, i hear tell
summers wouldve been cool
now no longer they fear
will we ever see that cool

the crickets have also gone now
the nights are noiseless too
no more croaking frogs
for the streams are dry too

too many roads have been built
and too high the houses too
nowhere for the earth to drink
to sate its need for water

what is not given
will never ever be got
what once was taken
can not always be returned

by disregarding the future
and by forgetting the past
i am now creating an awful yesterday
for my tomorrows today

will I ever forgive myself
for taking the things i took
with no thought for my selves
and no fear of my destiny

the harsh dusts now swirling
will one day call me
to blow away like them
and go the places they go

when that day comes i hope
my memories will blow away
my fainthearted fascinations
that which wasted my destiny

i hope future generations dont curse me
for my casual indifference
and for the causal influences
nor curse my birth to nature

by tom thump

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