Spell Bound

I don’t understand myself why I keep crawling back
You’ve got me in a spell and I think I’m trapped
It’s her you want and I understand that
But why keep playing these games with my head
Don’t say you love me when you love her instead
Don’t act like you care when you care for her more
I need to get away from you but nothing seems to work
You’re on my mind 24-7
You came into my life and I need you to leave
So why is it I keep coming to you?
You’ve got me in a web I just can’t seem to move
You’re like a Drug that I’m hooked on
I know I’m under a spell that I just can’t shake
And I realise now it’s because being in your spell makes me feel safe
I could awaken any moment and realise your love is fake
So I think I’ll take some sleeping pills because that’s a thought I just can’t take!

by Meow Shorty

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