Arthur appears stoic and tall,
Studded in a cloak of armor, saddled like a pedestal
A presence surrounds him everywhere he goes
Epitomizing a virtue only he guards and holds.

Chivalry is at the center of his soul
Valor, Love and Integrity yearns he and all he knows.
A stupor befalls as a dreamspell enlightens him,
Reconnecting to Merlin, his mystic friend.

Merlin greets Arthur down a cobble stoned path beyond the castle,
Deep in the woods, where silence reigns, nature claims no hassles.
The early morning mists lift a vision for Arthur's minds eye to see,
A young-maiden arouses gently to a profound prophesy.

Mesmerized by her stunning beauty
Arthur pauses momentarily.
Spellbound with this insight
He falls fast asleep, at the break of daylight.

She softly approaches him from a lush garden area.
A faerie-like angel, she monitors Arthur with care.
Gently caressing his strong and broad shoulders,
She plants a passionate kiss, sizzling like lava melting boulders.

Groggily, he awakens to her command
A destiny she understands, only she comprehends
Hand in hand, she lifts his spirits higher than a kite,
Supported by her, his character gains strength and might.

Willing to carry his sword,
His chivalry protects the value of his word,
With his dear Gwenievre at his side,
He impassions a decree tied to freedom for all time.

2006 - All RIghts Reserved

by Joy Malumphy

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