Spencer The Dog

Poem By Marilyn Lott

“Every boy needs a dog, mom”
My little boy said to me
Since I was raising him all alone
I tried to be the best I could be

So we found this little puppy
As he woke up from his sleep
So small and cute and cuddly
Steven said, “This is the one I’ll keep.”

At first he was such a cutie
He looked much like a baby Lab
But time changed everything
And he became so very bad

He ripped my brand new jeans
That I finally saved money for
So he wouldn’t terrorize the neighborhood
He was tied up close to the back door

A watch dog he turned out to be
And he loved both Steve and me
But he couldn’t be trusted with anyone else
I worried about my liability

So I learned that you just never know
When you look at a sweet little face
You better take some extra time
And the lineage you’d better trace!

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