Money is all blown
If I had only Known
I have to admit
I wouldn't have done it

I should have saved the cash
found a good, safe stash
kept it for a rainy day
an idiot I do portray

We should learn for our mistakes
Then life will give us some breaks
So the 'Lotto's', I will go and play
and then I'm gonna, Pray Pray Pray

by David Darbyshire

Comments (3)

I agree with Ernestine, Dave. AND you can get your stake money back even if you don't win! But isn't it fun to have a spend-up? (Bought more shoes at the weekend! !) Love4, Fran xx
Waste of money David, put it into Premium Bonds, there's more of a chance there. enjoyed the read. Thanks. love Ernestine XXX
Cute lil' write Dave! Good Luck! Patricia