Sperm Donor

How in the world can you telll me what to do
When I barely see or talk to you
You have the nerve to be jealous
Because I have another father figure in my life
I think its only fair
Since you have a substitute daughter and a pretend wife
Yea my mother has told me some things
that may not have been true
But I've come to have
My own personal opinion of you
The Bible says I should respect you
Because you are my father
I say I didn't ask to be here
I didn't need you to be my sperm donor

by Khai Ramsey

Comments (2)

to be fatherless is cruel.....thats the word
Khai...is funny that went I think of my children's 'donor'...I feel the same way...a sperm donor...sad but true...fathers that are not there for their children. But life goes on.