Sphere Of Knowledge

So many times, I have been told,
“You are a fool.”
He does not love you,
He does not care
For you, or anyone but himself

He is not ready, nor will he ever be
He is not capable of falling in love
Nor making a commitment
Just move on, your merry way

Perhaps a fool to them I am
But, the more I am told
The less I listen
Since psychics, they are not.

The sphere of knowledge
Extraordinary perception
Reasons in my mind and soul
Glance at judgmental people

Do they have a mate, or are they alone
As a result of so many opinions
I choose to hear none
That will drag my spirit and hope

In essence, it is from character,
Stubborn nature and endless dreams
Better to be vulnerable,
Than to settle for anyone else

The more I am told to wake up
And smell the flowers
The more I love you
I will with force, put up a wall

And with my head, I will crumble
The blocks of concrete that erects it tall
Then, traveling for miles ahead…
To the castle of your good heart

by Ana Monnar

Comments (1)

Lots of vivd pictorials employed here, Ana....I like the mono-conversational you deliver.Sometimes our scope of wisdom must be superseded by simple common sense.We spend so much time stradegising so anally, that we sometimes miss the answer dangling like a carot in front of a horses nose.Very Well done, indeed! ~ FjR ~