FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

Spider In My Bed (Revison)

i found a spider
in my bed
and stood afraid
full of dread
since i was tired
dressed for bed
i dropped a bean bag
on his head
and hoped for sleeps sake
he'd be dead

the spider in my bed
though a bit crippled
by the blow
moved in my direction
albeit the crawl was slow
but it didn't
stand a chance
with all my dogs
fighting for the prize
resulting in it's demise

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

Comments (2)

Thanks for the laugh.
Haha! Funny.. knowing me I'd be too afriad to lay back down until I KNEW it was dead, so I gotta give you props for your bravery! Love always, Sugar Bear *(^.~) *