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Love Is Riding A Bicycle
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Love Is Riding A Bicycle

Love Is
A salmon swimming back upstream
Or is that instinct?

Passion on the balcony
or is that Cinema?

The lady next door,
watching her with binoculars
or is that voyeurism?

Listening through slightly too thin walls
or is that voyeurism?

Love is
someone reaching out to me,
and me, a little slow, reaching back

twenty years slow, Now Greedily
catching her before she slipped
into the arms of another.

Possessed, one by the other,

we enjoy

Her bad breath
My laziness
Her pushiness
My push over ness
Her interrogativeness
My quietness

Argueing over very important things
that may appear trivial to an
Overtrained observer

Adjustments were made.
Finding a common ground
Being mindful of her,
as well as myself

Making it through
The Age of Strength and immortality
The Dynasty of raising children

Finding Strength as our bodies found fatter, weaker
wistful thoughts of excersizing

Then get on the bicycle.

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Comments (9)

A wonderfully well penned poem for children that even elders would enjoy. - -that even spiders are capable of love and gratitude, a poem that has Bri writ all over it,
Add a comment.an exquisitive sequel.BRAVO
A very lovely and heartwarming write. It conveys a meaningful message about care, respect, love and gratitude. Virtues that we should all possess for a better world. Well crafted write.10++++
I read Stephen's poem and was enchanted. Your sequel is equal in enchantment. Thanks for sharing.
Really like this, I've read Stephen's poem, so it's nice to see it inspired another poem, and reading Stephen's response you also made two people very happy. A really great write.
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