' Spider' Is Watching You.... [ A Little Girl's 'pet' Spider; 'cute', Says Valsa G.; Idea From Stephen Katona On Ph]

Little girl, do you feel many eyes watching you each day,
while, in sun or rain, outside you carry on ….at your play?
It's just me, your multi-eyed little pencil-case-spider-friend.
Remember when last year, on playground, me you did defend?

Those boys tormented me until you rescued 'Spider' from poking,
then into your case you slipped me; some thought you were joking,
BUT you faithfully protected me. Then one day, ‘cause the case WAS stuffy,
I crawled out and onto your shoe. Please DON'T think that I was huffy!

Then those mean boys saw me, and told your even-more-mean teacher,
who came up to your seat and said: 'You must REMOVE that creature …
from my classroom and from this, your place of academic learning! '
So you placed me on a sycamore, and from that day, for you, I'm yearning.

At night I sometimes dream of following you home, but too far I dare not roam,
because now I have a spider family to care for, because you saved my life. Therefore …
I'll always be thankful that you came along in time to save me from those noisy boys,
and I'll think of you when my little girl AND boy spiders are playing..........with their spider toys.

(March 19,2015)

by Bri Edwards

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Add a comment.an exquisitive sequel.BRAVO
A very lovely and heartwarming write. It conveys a meaningful message about care, respect, love and gratitude. Virtues that we should all possess for a better world. Well crafted write.10++++
I read Stephen's poem and was enchanted. Your sequel is equal in enchantment. Thanks for sharing.
Really like this, I've read Stephen's poem, so it's nice to see it inspired another poem, and reading Stephen's response you also made two people very happy. A really great write.
I wasn't sure I'd like this poem because it was about a spider, but as it turns out I did! I have to say, you conveyed the story in a very heartwarming way from a spider's viewpoint. I always enjoy reading stories on the internet about unusual bonds between animals and humans. Although this is fiction, it wouldn't surprise me if a creature such as this did have some sort of realization of being rescued and appreciations for the fact. I really, really liked this poem Bri!
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