Spider-Man's Super Secret!

Now I'm in love what should I do,
Admit I'm Spider-Man?
Say I'm the guy in red and blue
And hope that she's a fan?
Or send boxed flowers wrapped in web,
No strings attached at all?
Or boast that I'm a great celeb
With wise-cracks that enthral?
Although it's cool to fly about,
My mask keeps me at bay...
And though my heart's so full of doubt,
I hope my feelings stay!
I see her smile, the world stands still...
She speaks and I go numb...
As if she stole my mind, my will
And I'm under her thumb!
I've got the strength of twenty men
Yet love makes me go weak!
Its power grows beyond my ken!
What makes her so unique?
To me, she is the only girl...
No other means so much!
I'm in her web! My heart's awhirl!
Love's so darned hard to budge!
To all the world I'm quite a catch -
All brave in red and blue...
Though Spider-Man is hard to match,
Should I say, 'I LOVE YOU! '?
If so, when is the moment right?
There's no escape from crime!
Love hurts just like a spider's bite!
Time after time after time...

by Denis Martindale

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