Spider-Man's Vow!

This I would vow, to make my stand
Defending what is right -
To do much more than lend a hand...
On duty day and night!

This I would vow, to sympathise
With those who need my aid -
And though I do this in disguise,
My valour will not fade...

This I would vow, to rescue those
At risk, in mortal dread...
Against all rogues and superfoes
And any they've misled!

This I would vow, my strength, my power,
My spirit, body, soul,
To vanquish villains hour-by-hour...
Yes, this will be my goal!

This I would vow, with earnest faith,
I'll do the best I can!
So criminals beware or brave
The wrath of Spider-Man!

by Denis Martindale

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