While most folks sleep when night draws near
And dream their gentle dreams,
For Spider-Man the choice is clear
Despite the mad extremes!
While justice isn't always sweet,
Nor swift to ease the pain...
For Spider-Man no easy street,
Yet no good to complain!
Folks criticise the things he does -
He works outside the law...
Yet he persists despite the fuss
To overcome each flaw!
He perseveres and truly tries -
He soldiers on each time...
A warrior who spins and flies
And strives against each crime!
With super strength and spider-sense
He clings to any wall...
He fights his foes to save his friends
With courage to stand tall!
The villains vouch he's hard to kill -
It's hard to track him down!
To see him fly is such a thrill
As he spins cross the town!
For Spider-Man it's life or death -
With safety-net in tow...
Spectators stare and hold their breath
And wonder where he'll go!
For Spider-Man the danger waits -
It's always do or die...
And even if he hesitates,
At least he wants to try!
Give him a chance! He does his best!
Somehow he serves God's plan!
Yes, if you see him, you've been blessed,
'Cos you spied a Spider-Man!

by Denis Martindale

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