Spider's Tongue

A Whisper,
Always comes.
Bringing madness
Decaying people find
The mind insane and dumb
Blinding fear this heart is numb
We watch the horror as we sleep.
Spider’s tongue savors rancid flesh,
Twisting through worlds of hearts.
Tangled men in chords of light,
Through this bedazzled life.
Strumming the strand,
Play my fake music.
We feel and wait.
We lick the web
We lure the fly,
We find our
Not moving.
Chewing this lace,
Spider tastes my eye.
Razored numbing poison.
Legs and mouths draw me in.
Speechless monster savors my fear.
Fire dances in a thousand dead eyes.
Licking my face, then my stifled mouth
Down this throat, drowning my voice.
Jagged dagger cuts these bowels
Sucking me from my insides out.
Crossed, our lives we’ve spun;
We feast on the threads,
Misery has no flavor.
The Precious net a
Tangled skein,
Cry out,
‘Life! ’

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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