Spilt All Over The Page

Writing, it's just something I do,
I sit and write, I lay and write.
Cheery. Gloomy. Hopefully inspired.

Face set; frown deepens,
Pen scribbles/ Fingers race,
Abuse the keyboard - 'Lets! '
Poems done.

Put it out there
Read the comments.
Absorb the rating;
Ego swells
Possibly deflates?

All this, its fine.
Disapproval from strangers-
'Pff! ' I brush it off,
What do they know?

Yet offering yourself to those you've met
Requires something significantly more.
So here are my thoughts
I’m sharing with you
And if you will... criticise.

2 November 2007 14: 43

by Lily Espinosa

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I like the title. Not bad for a poem about poetry (we all do one at some point!) - chuck