It's Not Long Now

To hold you all close is one of the
few times I feel at ease. To look at your
faces and know you'll forget me in time
makes my eyes water.

When I'm an adult I'll see your faces
in my child's eyes, and hear your voices
echoing in their laughter.

When I'm old I'll sit on my front porch
and sip freshly made lemonade, while
watching my grandchildren frolic in my
front yard, under the sweet smelling
Willow. Tears will fall from my green
eyes, and softly hit my faded dress, as I
think of all the times we were
together. I'll smile.

When I die I'll think of my children
and grandchildren. I'll know how lucky
I've been to have such love and joy in
my life. I'll wonder which of my dearest
friends are awaiting my arrival, or if
I'm the first. And just as I take my
last breath I'll see us as we were when
we were teenagers, our golden skin, our
eyes wide with hope, our hearts full of
love, and our minds full of larger than
life dreams - it's not long now.

by aashka thakkar

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