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Poem By Erwick Brandon

What is there to say my friend?
There's no telling what you've hidden.
How can you face yourself?
I won't forget and you're not forgiven.
All the lies you've kept inside,
will no doubt come back to haunt you.
No need to read between the lines,
I hope I'm there to see it.

Take a look inside.
To Hell with pride.
Did it really have to come to this?
Take a bow.
Are you happy now?
We both know it had to come this.

Your lies are ill-contrived.
Much like you're heart they're sickening.
Tell me where is your spine?
When exactly did you lose it?
You and I will collide.
Rest assured that I will be waiting.
What you've done, will come undone.
I will see to that.

Look me in the eyes.
Have you died inside?
Did it really have to come to this?
What did you expect?
That I'd forget?
We both know it had to come to this.

It's like salt sprinkled on a wound every time you walk into a room. Have you no shame? Look what you've done to so many names. You're lower than low.
With nothing to give and nothing to show. Don't come near, don't even speak. You've done enough, you've capitalized on the weak.
But no more. This world you've created is ready to blow.
You lie through your teeth and everyone knows. You and your false truths will eventually fade. Don't ever forget that this is what you chose, this is the bed you've made.
Did it really have to come to this?
We both know it had to come to this.

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