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Spinning My Wheels
(December / Manila Philippines)

Spinning My Wheels

Poem By Kay Barcelon

The hands of the clock seem so slow
I am tormented here just waiting for you
Want you now I just need your cheer
Rescue me from this bounding sphere

Come home to me honey pretty quick
That or get me a wand or a broomstick
I can’t go anywhere afraid to miss you
I cannot do anything afraid to lose you

Some days are worse than others
I have to call you every hour
Where are you What are you doing
I am here my soul for you to devour

I bury my head in my work even for free
If I quit I know I will miss you like crazy
Sometimes I simply will not function
Thinking of you seems the only option

Life has no direction without you near
I am so tired spinning my wheels
Ever sit or just mess around for hours
My God what time will you be here

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