Spinning Spinning

I cut the sand
WIth every Pace.
My path I wander.
My place is faith.

Spinning Spinning,
My world, It Spins.
I cannot Think.
Until It ends.

My thoughts They sway,
With in my mind.
As They Go Astray.

This reflextion spins.
A thousand faces Across The Glass

Spinning Spinning
A millon Peices Of my futures past.

My thoughts were cold But Burning, Now.
They Turn to glass, And shatter, Proud.

Spinning SPinning,
Now it ends.
My world It stops.
And starts again.

Look away, and then its clear.
The devils face, its in the mirror.
Me and you, we know it's Near.
Spinning Spinning,
The Glass we fear.

by Ron Farmer

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