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Poem By Sean Hart

I need strength.
I can’t stay up.
My head is spinning.
So get me off this merry-go-round and set my feet on solid ground.
Help me, hold me, don’t let me fall.
Be my strength, be my wall.
I need your touch and the sound of your voice.
I can’t let you go but I have no choice.

Your eyes like candy
Your voice lifts me high
A kiss from your lips and I go flying by
I love you so much
I cant live without you
I wont believe that I’m gonna have to

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i really like this one..its so cute. i think you have real talent sean...seriously. see you later(**snow please**) -sammy p.s. see i told you i would write you a comment!
you better show yourself soon because i am getting too close to that edge of reality v unhealthy psychosis. you gave me a voice and i don't have to back down. i can win all the time because of you.