AS (02/04/1986 / Rabat)

Spins And Swirls

It looks like, i've never had existed
i don't know, why i can't stand still
i can't see, how was i drifted
always, downed by the damn chill
life looks just like nothing
and my heart; is just about stopping
i can't see why you're laughing
but nomatter, i'll just keep my banging

Now this time i'm moving on alone
don't care of what you do anymore
that's why i've changed into a stone
i'm tired, just wanna reach the core
i'm not gonna stick to a damn bone
and let my life down, for sure
i just wanna have a life of my own
don't want you though you swore!

Dont tell me you haven't got a clue
cuz i was who didn't know what to do
Now things are no longer up to you
sorry to say so, but yeah, it's true
your hangover takes a lot and to
recover, you know you really need to go
sorry again if i disappointed you
but in my life, i just don't want you! ! !

by Abdelmajid Seghir

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