(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


The crime minded,
Now find themselves in a bind.
Taking for granted their slanted point of view...
Living only to exist,
To redo with a smearing...
Done to hoodwink.
Trick and fool!

Raised by an element,
Mixed with insecurity and common slime.
It had been their intent...
To spread and enforce this devilment.
With a consciousness unrelenting,
Flaunted and wanted!
Showing unconcern...
Their madness was undefined!

Yet unwinding it is...
From its purpose to confine.

And this sickness did not just happen...
It was blamed on those with no defense!
Fences created and initiating hate...
By the ones who now quarrel,
In constant heated debate.
As they try their best,
To correct their own dissecting!
Condoned by them alone,
And spiraling with a quickness...
In a blinded dismal fate that's shown!

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