AR (6/16/88 / Denver)

Spiraling Upwards

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?
Can you open your mind to what it's trying to show?
Should we run and hide; cower in fear?
Or take up the reigns, and decidedly steer?
To follow tradition and the will of the pack?
Or stand up with your voice and choose to fight back?
Do we wait for the end to come and destroy?
Should we gather up forces to engage and deploy?
Start building an empire and seek to prepare,
for the wrath of God is in the Lord's prayer.
Stories and guidelines and prophecies abound,
they've given us warning; but what faith have we found?
We've closed off our hearts and folded our ears,
we've given into corruption for so many years.
Is there hope for redemption; a chance at salvation?
We must fight for our souls against all this temptation!
Pump our fists in the air, and gather our forces;
sharpen the weapons and saddle the horses!
Together we'll ride, brandishing our blades;
we'll diminish their armies; destroy their blockades!
We'll seek justice and truth, but most of all love.
We must first find this peace so we can join Him above.

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