Spirirual Communion

By Paul Sebastian

In solitude's silence he found rest
His mind state couched, relaxed
He flutters into a spiritual realm
An air of solace, peace and calm

Descending to alpha-state, he communed
Into deep spirituality ascending, he tuned
Into folds of spiritual revelation, he sought
Meditating on depths of the truths taught

Spirit man touches his inner man's soul
Prying into the truths within the folds
Journeys into his interior castle, he unites
The spirit, soul and body, into one light

Oblivious to the transfixed moments
Emerges, glowing in enlightenment
Into trance-like state he is postured
Wisdom courted, God encountered

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by Paul Sebastian

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In a spiritual communion we get solace, peace, calm and relaxation of mind. By meditating on depth we get spritual revelation. You have so nicely portrayed this in your poem. Your poem is marvelous one on spirituality. I appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.