I am and I was and I always will be
I do not know time, I’m unbounded, I’m free
I am me, the poet, crafting words of delight
I’m the sight and the sound of the day and the night
I am you and all the wonders you see
I respond to your thoughts and cause them to be
I am she, I am he, I am them, I am us
I’m the cat up the tree, the child on the bus

I experience your life, watch as you grow
Feel what you feel, know what you know
I smile as you stumble, laugh as you fall
It’s what you’re here for…. experience it all

So when your time comes and your body is spent
And all those around you demand you repent
Just know the truth and allow it to be
And it shall be shown,
To you…… through me

So now you move on…. Created anew
Eager to learn eager to do
Your next life is chosen for growth to sustain
You relinquish your freedom to stay and remain

You are as I am, a part of the whole
Your good is my good I know that you know
For I am Spirit the immortal One
I am all that there is
We are one....my son

Mick Lines

by Mick Lines

Comments (2)

A strong spirit indeed. As one with you, Tai
Thank you for sharing your spirit poem Mike - its really lovely. Blessings to you,