Imagine the protracted wait of the big thing,
Time passes and I'm over-weighed by the unseen burden;
Dictionary limitation making me seem unwise,
But too much wisdom vanishes un-discharged.

Every voice I hear delegates obligations:
I take orders I'd love to avoid.
My head is full by day and the silent night is a recourse
Yet, they assume that I am possessed with a legion of demons.

For decades - I have lived -
But I still cannot fathom a thought;
Nothing stabilizes in my head -
I cannot deduce from my childhood,
My feet are regarded as unclean
And I can't prevent my hands from being unclean.
How heavy a heart that is empty?

Many songs, I have written and as many, I have lost.
I have songs unsung, I have thoughts unsaid -
And the evil of the truth that grows untold.

by Thabani Khumalo

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Very inspiring poem dear poet.....thanks...
A very honest, candid poem. 'To be possessed with a legion of demons' is an unhappy prospect. The mind can be full of conflicting thoughts that may deceive us. This poem really made me think.
Life! ! Spirit! I take orders! ! ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
How heavy a heart that is empty? I love the choice of words...it took me to a place, a feeling, a memory. Great work Poet!
A beautiful imagery with a thoughtful idea.
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