Spirit Love

Let's go down in the valley,
The place we used to go.
To walk among the blades of grass
And tumble to and fro.

Let's go to our special place,
You must remember still.
It's just beyond that old oak tree,
A little down the hill.

Let's go down to sing our songs
And hold each other tight.
We'll bring our souls together there
With kisses through the night.

Let's go down to give again
Our love so wild and free.
Although we know it's different now
For souls like you and me.

We spirits live forever
And all our love does too.
So join me as we walk in love
The earth that we once knew.


Comments (4)

this is such a beautiful, uplifting and enlightening piece. very magical indeed.
I really enjoy reading this profound and wonderful piece Mr. Greenwolfe.
nice to read and the flow and rhyme..lovely...10
A pleasureable read, my friend. Very nostalgic and I always enjoy the excellent rhyme and flow of your poetry. Well done and best wishes. Richard