Spirits Of The Innocent

Poem By Lanaia Lee

Oh no! Here in the night beside a grave yard, a flat tire
Getting out of my car, I notice the chill and the strange fog within the night
It is so dark I think to myself, I would love to build for light a huge fire
I look around there is nothing but an old grave yard within sight

I scratch my head as I try and figure out what to do
I notice the naked trees, with no leaves all around me
Their wooden limbs to me look as though they are reaching out, no idea what they want to do
Feeling the fear creeping up my spine, just making me want to flee

I'm so lucky, my car breaking down on a dark moonless night
Looking toward the grave yard, I think I see something, me wondering what it could be?
It seems to be coming closer, now my very being is filling with fright
The closer I look seems this thing is transparent as can be

I start to feel my heat as it palpitates
The adrenaline coursing through my veins
I'm really scared as I wonder about what's to come, my very fate
Now I start to wonder am I losing my sanity? Am I going insane?

This has to be my imagination running rampant on me
Now I feel there are eyes everywhere watching every move I make
Noises I start to hear, voices begging me to hear their plea
The wind seems to say, ' I am innocent, for God's sake

I am very uneasy at all this paranormal activity
The I realize where I am, I now understand the voices of the dead, from where they stem
The voices want to be heard because they were murdered, chained to death and there was no key
The stranger I saw now I know it was Giles Corey murdered long ago in Salem, Massachusetts.

Comments about Spirits Of The Innocent

Visiting a grave in solitude makes one feel pensive. It reminds us of our own inevitable death, so inspires us to shun evil thoughts, evil deeds, evil moves. I didn't quite understand the last stanza. A note, perhaps?

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