TS (7/28/87 / California)

Spiritual Fire

I am nothing more,
than a mere saved soul.
Impassioned by God's love,
that makes me whole.
The deeds I do on earth,
won't last in people's minds.
Unless they are backed up
by something their hearts search to find.
Something that builds character,
where the world has ripped it out.
Something that will make unaltered faith,
out of complete doubt.
If only I can represent
a higher being.
Then it won't be my deeds
that people are seeing.
The only way
I can amount to something more,
is to work secretly,
where only God can adore.
I want to make my name known,
in heaven alone,
and make people realize
that their sins are atoned.
Everyone seems to question,
the act of repentance.
Knowing in their hearts,
that its never the end of the sentence.
Their lack of faith
makes God ache,
paining His intentions,
with objections that are fake.
I have to be humble,
showing others that start to crumble,
that even a veteran like myself,
tends to still stumble.
As I live here on earth,
I remain a mere mortal.
But the day that death arrives,
I will become immortal.
I spread God's love showing others
that It makes me fervent.
Cause all I want to hear upon death
is 'Well done good and faithful servant.'

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