Spiritual Life Is Not Mental Life.

Poem By Dr. Antony Theodore

The experience of faith
affects all the faculties
and yet transcends them all.

Spiritual life is not mental life.
It is not thought alone,
nor is it a life of sensation.

It is not merely a life of feeling,
nor does it exclude thought
and feeling but elevates all
in love and in faith.

Comments about Spiritual Life Is Not Mental Life.

Words spoken so wow love the way u use spiritual life and not a mental life this poem is the perfect way to see life in your eyes thank you
Wow simply beautiful.. Spiritual life elevate all in love and in faith
Faith affects all of our capabilities and at the same time it exceeds them all. The spiritual life is not a life of thought alone or a life of emotion and consciousness. It is a life which heightens all our senses in love and in faith. Very inspiring, insightful words which are motivational to the reader. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy...

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