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Poem By AHO Speaks

Time of the present should always exclude
Events and words that humanity considers crude.

We are obligated to leave for future uses
Something more substantial than ancient Muses.

Just a word an idea or a thread
Love, goodness and fairness; left by the dead.

God would ask no more than this
God of love, embrace, and an understandidng kiss.

We are what we are and not less
God understands the blessing of our own uniqueness.

The God of all fathers from thence to here
From the God of love to the God of fear.

The gift of all Mothers from first to last
Eternal symbols of the future from out of the past.

The thread we know which internally entwines
From the God of creation, to the soul of yours and also mine.

The God of thought and the parameters of time
Giver and provider of spiritual fruit from the holy vine.

11-05-05 Aho Speaks

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