SM (8-20-1988 / Lorain, ohio)

Spit This Like A Gangster To The Hitman On The Review Board

on every corner, poison is sold.
stole from chicken nuggets to remedies for a cold
driven by substances from isle six
controlled by the men with the biggest dicks

late night channel surfing is the biggest sport
surfing the waves of the lakes, tripping at the port
in my mind, all the time, imaginary is reality
drug abuses is our most uncontrolled conformity

unemployed, hussle up some gas money
it more expensive than milk, baby baby honey
and he screams down the street, cause the pack didn't last
one after another, light it up doll. chain smokin so fast

nothing in this world is understood without reason
but dont question the president, you're asking for treason
and i sit on the net, researching my future.
while my parents bitch, my rooms a mess, its nature not nurture.

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At least you're in the right place now. GW62