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Spitting A Deluge
NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Spitting A Deluge

Poem By Nic Custer

They tried to dam my
redirecting my life
and walling over
my dreams. But
these thoughts are
overflowing and
I'm bursting forth with
a tidal wave of
creativity that rushes
off my tongue at
20,000 gallons a second.
Waterfalls of words
taking the plunge,
smashing on deaf ears
and sharp times. While
stray thoughts mix in with
the current of ideas on
already flooded cultural banks.
And every time my
waves crash too loud,
they will be sure to levee my dissent
and try to sand bag my voice.
But I keep spitting a deluge
because although I am but one man,
I am a tributary
to change, feeding an ocean
from my river's mouth.

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