Spitting Out The Taste

My favorite flavor gone arye
Sweetness turned dry
Moist pillows from the tears I cry
My only wish was to finally just die
But this car won't turn around
This letter can't jump out of the mail box
I can't quiet the telephone voice and sound
You have no heart; you have a pink colored rock
Swinging like a noose in your chest
I won't write anymore, because you should know the rest
I think this is best

The taste of a tongue I never knew
Salty tears from your eye lash
The rain becomes my cue
Get ready for the thunder and clash
We have become something I never wanted
The one thing, Haunted, I never flaunted
The screams I made you sing in the middle of mid-summer's lake
But for god’s sake
Don’t lie to me and say you love me
Knowing the truth that remains is
That all I got from you is burning piss
So with this flower and a card
I’m stepping into this car
I’ll leave a note
A shiny plugged nickel from my coat
Because that’s all you are worth
Break it off, Break it somehow
Just end it now
Break it down, Break it away
Just end it today

In this frozen stance, I witness our last touch
Like air to the world around
In my last chance, in my hands I clutch
The one thing that kept me around
It’s a depicting structure; it shines like you once did
But it crumbles, and breaks
Forward step, sudden break, and it all falls down

by Ray Mesa

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