DS (19 December 2000 / Mumbai)



Poetess: Divyashree S Shanbhag

Age: 8 Years

School: Gundecha Education Academy, India

The moon was high
There were clouds in the sky

I went down the creepy stairs to play
I felt scared that day

Scary footsteps followed me
I turned but no one I could see

Making moaning sounds, the wind blew
The world seemed dark and new

Leaves looked like vampires hanging on a tree
Bushes looked like monsters snarling at me

Witches cackled all around
I saw a growling grey hound

Suddenly I saw a ghost in white
It was a very frightening sight

My heart beat fast and I screamed
My mother woke me from my spooky dream

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such talented child, of eight years, your words speak of your heart, don't fright, your poetry is such a delight, continue your words, I want to hear more from you......