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In This World

Poem By Ono no Komachi

A particle in one place sometimes is
affected by one in a distant place,
and though when you are close enough to kiss
you may be far too close to see the face
you think that you can see, the distant particle
may have an impact physicists find moving.
For Schrödinger this was an article
of faith, with Einstein always disapproving.

Though you can guarantee a cat is dead
and not alive and vice versa, you
can’t guarantee that what’s inside my head
won’t move you with a distant point of view.
Action from a distance can be spooky,
the speed of light saved by the skin of teeth,
which is more shocking than the death of Tookie,
so let these words act as his distant wreath.


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Comments (2)

Yeah gershon! you never know for sure. Uncertainty has been my middle name for quite a while now. Lucky in some things, but not love. 10 from Tai, wishing you a Happy 2006
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in verse. Nice going Gerson. Great piece of writing.