PH (1968 / Orkney)

Spoon In My Mouth

born and bred
bred and bored
beaten and misused

cursed and crossed
clipped and cropped
defeated and confused

did not have parents
existing in parentheses
no guardian with wings
to make the best of things

grew up embittered
in the twisted South
not to be raised
with a spoon in my mouth

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Comments (3)

Hustle and bustle! With the muse of life; but, never give up on dreams. Nice work.
you sound like a very bitter man. take a look at what you write it shows. other people give you good reviews, but they do not know any better, you have what it takes but come up with something new.
a grand poem compact and flowing the lines almost totally funny but the sadness of the truth blasting forth examing Destiny how some go forth at birth filled with gold while others stumble into life and must struggle every step of the way a fine poem