Sports Fanatic

My wonderful son has a way with the girls -
He's tough and he's buff, and he has lots of curls -
He loves to play sports and he's usually found
Lifting, or batting or golfing a round;
His den is his trophy room - all black and white
A staunch White Sox fan from morning 'til night
In front of the big screen for hours he'll sit
Engrossed in the sport to the very last hit;
His ankles are taped, his knee gives him fits
But he just keeps on playin' - the guy never quits!
So either he's playing or watching a game,
He lives it, and breathes it - there's nothing the same
Since he was a little tyke sports are his life,
I pitty the girl that he takes for his wife!

For Jimmy - my 'sports nut' son

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

Linda, Let's hope that he will meet her at the stadium, the odds get a little better that way! But... she might be a Cubs fan! Ain't life hell sometimes ? B.V.A.
Even though he is a White Sox fan, and I am Detroit Tiger fan, I am giving this poem a 10. Sports are vital to growing up. A lot of lessons are learned and kids accomplish much more than they thought they could! GO TIGERS! ! ! ! !
He'll definitely need to find a girl jock. Did that sound right? lol
Splendid, enjoyable, read, MIDNGHT...Your Sons are the lucky ones to have a Mom like you.''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/fjr