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Your gentle yawn
while reading the sports section
as they fill your prescription.
A light scratch of your nose
as you read the review of the
newest hippest band out of L.A.
while your new tires are installed.
Waiting is the dullness of a brown sparrow
flitting to the next wire,
the line of ants on a tree trunk.

Not so bad
if you have something inoperable
and know that boredom
is a luxury for the living.
The forgettable moments the doctor consults
with the nurse in the hallway,
the trees from outside swaying in the glass picture frame,
the shoe scuff patterns on the linoleum.
I didn’t know the cloud I floated on
until it was yanked away
and I see the dark rocky ground
speeding upwards.

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Comments (6)

Those of us a tad older can relate to this on lots of levels, whether waiting for or getting a diagnosis, for us or for a loved one. This poem has a simple elegance to it... and says all that the writer intended in a short form. Terrible subject, unfortunately, but, beautifully expressed.
A well constructed prose poem, and also a sad reminder of our mortality as beings. Barney is right this should be rated higher, the writer shows how the most mundane tasks, become so vital and important at the face of such horrendous news. A good reminder that life is so bitterly fleeting.
This poem is a fine poem and very well done. It deserves a much higher rating than the 5.7 out of ten voted by the 21 voters so far. It's about a man who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness (probably cancer) . I don't know if Michael wrote it from true experience or just his fertile imagination, but since he has not submitted anything to this website since December 3,2008, perhaps he is no longer with us. Michael, I hope you're still around and doing well. Best wishes!
OK, yeah. Certainly needs to be said and reflected in art. But oh how so incredibly sad. Good job....
Nicely words flowing poem to read indeed..!
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