Picturesque Landscape Of Passion

The Total Inept Beauty of Autumn has Just Arrived
A Most Clear, Crisp Wind Lashes Against My Window Panes
I Gaze at The Awesome Coral Brownish Scenery Before Me
The Sun Now Appearing So Marvelous, Galliantly
Streaming Out Upon The Elegant Whispering Meadow

Dancing Beams Of Genuflected Strategic Light Invoked
Are Cast; Swirling Out Onto The Partly Shadowed Fields
Bringing a Most Bright, Passionate Moment of Silence
To The Unequivacle, Illuminus Spectrum
Feeling An Aura of Such Glorious Contentment
Uniquely Set So Vividly In Platonic Motion

Displaying a Sudden Coldish Allure; Quivering
Yet Feeling The Satire of A Warmth Masterpiece Radiate
For As I Take One Shortened Footstep Back
I Come to Appreciate The Contrast of Novelty Oils
Stretched, Shimmering Across The Darkened Canvas
Only to Realize The Rich Enhanced Etched Painting
So Placidly Inlayed Into an Old Wooden Antique Frame

Becomes an Exquisite, Splendid Token Of Delight to See
Hung Traversly on A Stone Museum Wall For All; You and Me

by Bishop Reverend Doctor Susan Annette Joyce Hofmann

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