poetry Or Prose

Poetry or Prose

Is it poetry or prose, now that's a real good question,
if you mix them both together, will it give you indigestion,

many years ago, the old wise and scholarly Hebrew priests,
who created the architecture of surrealistic fantasies, the prose,
it has rhythm, it has rhyme, repetition and imagery but,

the poem is far more like modern music, magic notes you see,
rolling off the tongues of man, almost anyone can be,

a delightful place to rest a weary soul from travel, is the port,
where the changing colors of the sea, and the twinkling of lights
never tire the eye in its colorful prism,

so it is your choice my friend, you can bend, shape and throw it,
make it what you will, be you a proser or a poet

Gomer LePoet...

by Gomer LePoet

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