The sun shines and birds sing
Yet I can feel not a thing
The wind blows quickly through my hair
Yet still my life seems so bare
The woods I see are teeming with life
Yet in my soul, there is still strife
Outside spring is just beginning
But inside of me it is ending
As winter leaves the barren trees
Inside of me it settles
With my eyes I see flowers bloom
But with my heart I see naught but doom
I look to the sky and close my eyes
Wishing I could only fly
I wish I could fly with the birds so free
Fly away to find my dreams
As I sit and imagine my flight
Someone calls my name, things are no longer bright
What was I thinking, it was all a joke
As I see where I am the spell is broke
I realize my feet are still firm on the ground
The pain floods back, I begin to drown
Then I see who is calling my name
It's him, he's the reason I still play this game
This game called life which is killing my heart
But he fixed it and gave me a chance for a new start
One look at him and my heart starts to race
When I look in his eyes I begin to grow faint
I'll never understand just why he chose me
He could have so much better, so much better than me
With every touch, every kiss I grow weak in the knees
And finally spring starts to blossom in me

by Lacey UnKnown

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