(6 August 1809 – 6 October 1892 / Lincoln / England)


Birds' love and birds' song
Flying here and there,
Birds' songand birds' love
And you with gold for hair!
Birds' songand birds' love
Passing with the weather,
Men's song and men's love,
To love once and forever.

Men's love and birds' love,
And women's love and men's!
And you my wren with a crown of gold,
You my queen of the wrens!
You the queen of the wrens --
We'll be birds of a feather,
I'll be King of the Queen of the wrens,
And all in a nest together.

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Absolutely beautiful. It talks straight through the soul purpose of Spring. Alfred Lord Tennyson is amazing at poems and feelings. Anonymous