Because Of Grace

Thank You, thank You Almighty One
For all You’ve had to give
For Christ Your Lamb, Jesus Your Son
Who died that I may live

You did it all, the earth to see
The world to look inside
You gave your all to set man free
On Heaven’s Wind to glide

Because of grace because of love
Deeper higher than ere
I fly, I soar beyond above
Eternity to share

To eat, to drink, embrace at will
Euphoria to feel
Sweet Lord sweet God such is the thrill
Once Christ becomes us real

Can anybody hear me?
Will someone lend an ear?
Humble oneself The Truth to see
The Truth who’s ever near

Ever a hand a word, a kiss
A blessing rich and true
Who but fools would willingly miss?
This Gift of Heaven’s Dew

Selfless, sweet, obedient divine
To hungry souls sweet fare
Blissfully Yours, gratefully mine
How can a soul compare?

Master, Comforter, Teacher supreme
Leader righteous and true
Guiding beyond one’s wildest dream
Each sinner born anew

by Michael P. Johnson

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Comments (2)

The poet compares the spring with love and happiness in the life which all we need. The beautiful poem though in limited sentences having its relevance and beauty while go through it and this has done very well by the poet.
Dear Archie your poem is absolutly beautiful, what a beautiful poem keep writing, christina.